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frankie_lampard's Journal

Frank Lampard Fans
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Welcome to the Frank Lampard Community, this is for fans of his to come together and talk soccer, post icons and picspams and breaking news on the man himself. Anything related to Lampard is very much welcome.

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News and speculation concerning Lampard.
Pictures, whether old or new it doesn’t matter, post away. But please be mindful of peoples f-lists and put images and long articles behind an lj cut.
Icons, headers, banners, wallpapers – whatever graphics you feel like showing off.
Keep it on topic. If it has no relevance whatsoever to Lampard it’s going to be deleted.

Not Acceptable:

Hate, abuse, any kind of negativity towards Frank Lampard or any of us lovely fans.
Spam posts - if there's a post about a game or an issue already then post there, don't create a new one.
If you really want to promote another community then ask and chances are it’ll be allowed.

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For any reason you need to contact me, my email address is [fuzzycricketster@gmail.com] and my personal journal is marto_gal_30 so drop me a comment.

I allow to myself to put myself here too :P, my email is [ana930@walla.com] and my journal is lampsy_girl. Feel free to contact me for every reason you want.


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